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We will be in the Nano Forum at Rome in September 2014.

LiZys S.A. is in the NanoPymes Business Roundtables between Argentinian and European Union members – Buenos Aires – 26 – 29 de octubre 2014.

A report published by the ADN Rio Negro and Bariloche2000 deals with the meeting between LiZys and CIEFAP organized by  the Secretária de Ciencia y Tecnología de Rio Negro in order to link the nanotechnology with possible solutions for forestry issues.

http://adnrionegro.com.ar/2015/07/rio-negro-y-chubut-analizan-nanotecnologia-en-los-recursos-forestales/ http://bariloche2000.com/noticias/leer/trabajan-en-las-nanotecnologias-y-la-problematica-forestal/92463